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Are you ready to tap a Trending Topic to Attract More Followers & Sales?

...So, what was your next post going to be?

- How much were you going to spend?

- Were you going to contribute to a trend?

- Were you about to post a regular video ad or image without wrapping it in a trend?

- Did you even know you could "time viral conversations" for RIDICULOUS returns?

Start posting, only, during VIRAL CONVERSATIONS to start earning more followers & sales - RIDICULOUSLY FAST!

Subscribe to TrendWatch & always know when, where and how to post!

Trendwatch benefits are undeniable:

  • Crowd-Source Attention

    Entice 1000s of people to excitedly share, comment & like your native "ad".

  • Insider Knowledge

    Always know when the next viral conversation (trend) will begin, peak, & end; while also knowing who will be a part of the trend on which platform.

  • Secret Weapon

    Take advantage of knowing when, where, and what the next viral conversation will be.

Don't take *our* word for it. We asked our subscribers what changed for the better and here's what a few of them had to say:

"We needed a way to get our hair care products out in a big way. We found a Twitter trend for the Grammys that we tapped and the results were amazing.”
“As a small business owner, I had a hard enough time keeping up with my Facebook ads and I found myself spending more time learning social media than running my business. And that's where M10 Service Bots came in.”
“I was going to create a native advertisement campaign for my client, and found the topic was out of season on TrendWatch and the engagement returns would have been horrible. Thanks Momensity!”
“Before M10 Servicebots, I’d try experiments on Facebook, Instagram – spending lots of time and money trying to figure out what works. M10 Service bots helped me find order in my chaos.”
Affiliate Marketer

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