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You are the voice of depth, mystery, and intuition comes forward in the Scorpio mantra: I transform. Your sense of purpose is all about plumbing life’s shadows to uncover hidden truth and to attain power. Operating in fixed mode, you direct your intense laser focus into your work, projects, and relationships -these traits take on an all-encompassing mythic proportion, as those born under the sign of the Scorpion live their lives actively exploring the unseen depths of the soul – a classic message.
Your mantra is your sacred words to bring focus to you in the midst of chaos. Scorpio wear this soft  essential as  a reminder of your talent and choose to explain your power or not – you’ll look great either way.

scorpio Mythos

Scorpio, your symbol “the Scorpion” represents is associated with the death of Orion. There are many versions of this tale, but the one connected to Scorpio tells of a boastful hunter Orion, who bragged that he could kill all of the animals in the wild kingdom.

The earth goddess Gaia objected and sent a Scorpion to stop Orion. He confronted, and fought the Scorpion, but died when the great beast stung him in the head. The Scorpion was placed in the heavens as a reward from Gaia for his service, and Zeus placed Orion there as well to commend his valiant fight.

Scorpio you transform people with every encounter, much like your tale above; wear the Scorpio mantra unisex tee as a reminder of this classic message.

"The fit of this shirt is everything. I ordered a small for a more snug fit and I love the soft material. I also love the design and the motivation when I need to power through. *Thank you Momensity " ~IG @wilpowered

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Scorpio be empowered by your mantra and always be reminded of this classic message in modern style. 

Super soft cotton and excellent quality print make this essential tee one to fall in love with over and over again.

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