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You are the voice of discipline, responsibility, and your resourcefulness comes forward in the Capricorn mantra: I use. Your sense of purpose is all about rising to great heights and achieving material and self-mastery in life. With strong cardinal leadership skills, you are fulfilled by building, organizing, and administering systems and communities.
Your mantra is your sacred words to bring focus to you in the midst of chaos. Capricorn wear this soft  essential as  a reminder of your talent and choose to explain your power or not – you’ll look great either way.

capricorn Mythos

Capricorn, your zodiac symbol represents the Sea-Goat called the Sea-Goat Ea. For the Babylonians, Capricorn was the protective god of water, knowledge, and creation. In Greek mythology, the Sea-Goat has other connections, one being the goat Amalthea who nursed baby Zeus after he escaped being eaten by his father, Cronos. In a later tale, Amalthea’s broken horn was transformed into the “cornucopia” full of earthly bounties.

Capricorn is also associated with Pricus, the father of a race of intelligent and honorable Sea-Goats. Piscus tried to protect his children, who lost their ability to speak and think when they ventured onto dry land, by trying to turn back time to avoid this loss.

He eventually had to surrender to losing all of his children to the wild and was given an immortal home in the heavens as the constellation of Capricorn. This lonely tale may be where some of the melancholy and sadness of the Capricorn archetype originated.

Capricorn your tale is epic and you shoulder the hard work no matter what and get things done; wear the Capricorn mantra unisex tee as a reminder of this classic message.

"The fit of this shirt is everything. I ordered a small for a more snug fit and I love the soft material. I also love the design and the motivation when I need to power through. *Thank you Momensity " ~IG @wilpowered

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Capricorn be empowered by your mantra and always be reminded of this classic message in modern style. 

Super soft cotton and excellent quality print make this essential tee one to fall in love with over and over again.

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